So you want to be in business for yourself, an "Entrepreneur"?

We can help you with any phase of your business: starting, growing, managing, financing, business development, lead generation, client development, cash flow, business structure, accounting, insurance, personnel, real estate, capital assets, and onsite mentoring. However, we cannot provide legal or tax advice.

Being a business owner is often frustrating and very time consuming, it is the hardest work you will ever do, but can be the most rewarding time of your life.

Ask yourself this questions: Do I have these traits?

An entrepreneur has a personality that is passionate for adventure and/or enterprise, assumes significant accountability, and accepts a high level of personal, professional, and/or financial risk to pursue a business opportunity.

Entrepreneurs are ambitious leaders who combine land, labor, and capital to create and market new goods or services. They commonly believe they are among the few individuals to create value by offering a product or service, carve out a niche in the market that may not currently exist, or be underserved, or solve a problem.

Entrepreneurs tend to identify a marketing opportunity and exploit it by organizing their resources effectively to accomplish an outcome that changes existing interactions within a given market, differentiation of product and/ or service.

A generally held theory is that entrepreneurs emerge from the population on demand, from the combination of opportunities and people well-positioned to take advantage of them. They are created not born. They are at ease with leadership, management, and team-building, essential qualities of the entrepreneur.

Raleigh SCORE has a group of individual volunteers that can bring out these characteristics in you and help you succeed.

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