Existing Business Mentoring (EBM)

Large businesses have the financial resources to hire consultants when they need advice and/or counsel, if their internal staff does not have the time and/or knowledge to address an issue.  Executive managers of large companies routinely consult highly experienced and respected advisors to provide unbiased feedback before making key decisions or implementing major changes.  They often meet with an advisor just to bounce ideas off someone who will not be affected by their decisions. Small business owners rarely can afford such expensive advice.

Raleigh SCORE has counselors who understand a wide variety of business issues and can help small business owners in ways that the owner could not possibly afford to purchase, from management consultants.  The Existing Business Mentoring program is designed to fill such needs of small businesses at no cost to the owner.

Mentors are SCORE counselors with experience in various aspects of owning and operating businesses.  A Mentor typically meets with their client at the client's offices and obtains assistance from other SCORE counselors when necessary to address a particular concern.  To determine if the Existing Business Mentoring program is right for you, call 919-869-4151 or email us at contact.raleigh@scorevolunteer.org.

Existing Business Mentoring