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Go-To-Market Consulting for New Products & Services

Hands-on Sales Team Coaching


Charles helps start-ups and established companies take new products and services to market providing experienced consulting every step of the way. I like to roll up my sleeves and work to help clients launch and develop go-to-market programs, develop business and marketing strategies, construct national sales teams and reseller agent programs. I assist the clients with various options to raise venture capital funds, all tailored to achieve company’s goals and objectives.




Sales Training - It can take up to 90 days for a new sales hire to become acclimated to selling your product or service; therefore, having effective training implemented early on will help both the new employee and your organization. Mentored sales training will teach employees how to accurately and effectively offer a product or service, follow through and close the deal.


Sales Management - Managing the activity and productivity of a sales force is a detail-oriented task. If the sales management team does not stay on top of revenue production, then sales will start to slip. The keys to effective sales management are: qualified sales managers, responsive sales professionals and having an efficient CRM system in place.  Charles employs all these elements together to improve the sales management process and drive positive revenue.


Customer Relationship Management  - CRM is a system for managing prospects and existing clients data critical for new account sales and account management. CRM software stores this information and is accessible by all pertinent parties within the company. The CRM information includes phone numbers, addresses, best times to call, notes on previous calls made, competitive information, etc.  Implementation of CRM and its ongoing use is an area in which Charles has great working knowledge.


Sales Campaign Management - A Sales Campaign is a focused, time-bound sales effort with special offers on price, services and features. The business objectives for a sales campaign include an effective launch, follow-up and the ability to validate a sales acquisition campaign. Charles can assist in identifying successful drivers in a sales campaign. These include product bandwidth, IT and CRM, sales compensation and sales machinery.  







Sales Team Building-When a start-up begins, you may be sales manager, marketing director and lone salesperson all in one, plus filling whatever other spots exist on the

organization’s chart. As you grow, however, you'll find you need additional staff to handle specialized jobs. These will include a chief financial officer, vice president of operations, and others. But one of the first specializations you will need to hire is sales. Sales are what drive your company's growth.  WZ Marketing believes that the more well trained and managed sales people you have, the more sales you will generate. So adding sales personnel and improving your existing sales staff are essential parts of growing your company.


Charles has over 30 years experience working with small to Fortune 500 companies in developing business plans and sales and marketing plans for new products launches and vertical markets.  Charles has held the position of Vice President of e-commerce Sales for Research Triangle Commerce, Inc. and Director of Sales for Management Information Systems Group (a major reseller of General Electric Information Services). He has held several marketing and management positions with General Electric Information Services (GEIS) and played a major management role in the development of IBM’s Agent Program with over 10,000 resellers. He is a well-known speaker on new entrepreneurial start-ups, E-Commerce and on-line businesses at various conventions and seminars around the country. He is experienced in working with several small start-up companies moving them into profitability and taking them through the IPO process. He graduated from East Carolina University and attended MBA graduate school at the College of William and Mary. Charles’ other expertise is helping medium to large corporations set up Employee Incentive Programs, Marketing Reward Programs and Loyalty Programs to help them reach maximum performance and profitability. An example is the deployment of Global Reward Solutions, which helps companies develop motivational/incentive programs to increase the bottom line.


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