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Video Course Training

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  1. Program Introduction
  2. Session 1 - Introduction and Expectations
  3. Session 2 - Entrepreneur vs. Business Owner / WINNING MINDSET
  4. Session 3 - What are the fundamentals of a Business Plan
  5. Session 4 - How to Define Your Mission, Vision, and Goal Setting
  6. Session 5 - Market Research for Customer Identification; Cultivating the Habits of Success
  7. Session 6 - SWOT Analysis and Managing Your Mindset to Build Momentum
  8. Session 7 - Risk Mitigation and Navigating Obstacles and Setbacks
  9. Session 8 - How to Build a Financial Plan (Session 1) and Navigating Challenges with Confidence
  10. Session 9 - Special Guest Mrs. Denise Bennett - Building a Business that Last, While Bearing Intentional Fruit
  11. Session 10 - Goals Setting; Mindfulness in Practice
  12. Session 11 - Participants Review
  13. Session 12 - Business Plan Presentations by Participants
  14. Session 13 - Celebrating Success - Final Session
  15. Final Thoughts Video