Welcome to Raleigh SCORE Small Business Advisory Service. Our goal  is to help small business leaders solve the issues preventing them from the successes they are seeking leveraging SCORE's deep business and technical expertise.


Through Raleigh Score's Advisory Service we will mentor small business owners on such issues as corporate strategy, marketing, sales, financing, etc. By tapping into SCORE's deep business acumen and leveraging our vast network of mentors we are confident we can assist you in your efforts to take your business to the next level.

Below are general guidelines for a small business that would benefit most from this service.

1.  In business for 3 years or more
2.  Have 5 employees or intend to reach this level in the near future
3.  Have $500,000 or more of annual revenue

If you feel you would benefit from this advisory service, please click on the button below and provide us with the requested information to set up an appointment. 

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