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Navigating Your Small Business through Financial Uncertainty

November 12, 2020, 1:00pm EST

Decisions about cutting expenses, adjusting business models and finding new sources of revenue leave many owners and entrepreneurs questioning their next move. Read more

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11 Ways To Better Manage Cash Flow In Business

November 5, 2020,

We asked 11 small business professionals to give us their best tips and tricks on how to effectively manage cash flow. 


Understanding the Three Major Business Credit Bureaus

Who are the 3 major business credit bureaus, what information do they collect, and how does it affect your business? Here’s what you need to know. Read more


When Is the Best Time to Borrow Money for Your Small Business?

The best time to apply for a small business loan is when you aren’t in desperate need. Find out how planning ahead can boost your chances of getting a loan. Read more


Disrupting the Payments Industry

October 13, 2020,

We sat down with Josh Cyphers of Nvoicepay to see how the way that businesses pay their suppliers has changed, driven by the covid-19 pandemic.


Los 10 principales errores de contabilidad de las pequeñas empresas

August 28, 2020

Los errores de contabilidad tienen el potencial de descarrilar un negocio que de otra manera sería saludable y crear un caos financiero. Aquí están los 10 errores más comunes que se deben evitar.


Cinco fuentes de dinero rápido para su pequeña empresa

August 28, 2020

Cuando su pequeña empresa se enfrente a un déficit de flujo de caja, considere estas cinco formas de obtener dinero en efectivo rápidamente para mantener su empresa en movimiento.


6 maneras de manejar el flujo de caja en su pequeña empresa

August 28, 2020

Cada año, la falta de flujo de caja obliga a muchas pequeñas empresas a cerrar. A continuación, seis consejos y mejores prácticas para la gestión del flujo de caja que le ayudarán a hacer crecer su negocio.


The Impact of COVID-19 On Retirement Accounts

August 11, 2020,

As an alternative to loans, small business owners withdraw money from their savings to survive the Covid-19 pandemic.